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San Francisco Ricci Institute

THE USF RICCI INSTITUTE for Chinese-Western Cultural History at the Center for the Pacific Rim, College of Arts and Sciences, is a premier global resource for the study of Chinese-Western cultural exchange with a core focus on the social and cultural history of Christianity in China.

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Macao Ricci Institute

The Macau Ricci Institute is a nonprofit, study and research institution dedicated to fostering better mutual understanding between China and the world community.
Macau, from its earliest history (1557) and very geographical existence, remains a noteworthy experiment in intercultural encounter and understanding. For centuries a gateway between China and the West, Macau continues to be an ideal lens through which to broaden understanding of the thoughts and ideals of peoples from different cultures. In many aspects, Macau is a human and cultural crossroads - a real, although small, international city.

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Institut Ricci de Paris

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Taipei Ricci Institute

The purpose of the Institutee is to study, interpret and invigorate the cultural and spiritual resources that China has to offer to the global community.